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greetings from  Shelby NC


​​10 yr old twin boys were energetic but always seemed to be getting in trouble for one thing or another.

Mom decided to ask their pastor if he would talk to the boys and possibly get them to calm down.

The pastor agreed to try.

The boys lived only a few blocks from the church.

One of the boys was asked to come in and talk with the pastor in his office.

While sitting in front of the pastor, the pastor asked, "Son, where is God?"

No answer.  Just a stern emotionless face.

After about 30 seconds, the pastor asked again,  "Son, where is God?"

Again, there was silence from the boy and again, the pastor repeated the question but didn't get a response.

Without responding and while looking scared, the boy jumped up from the chair, ran out of the office door, down the stairs and out of the church door.  All the way home he went.

When home, he ran upstairs and found his brother.

He said, "Oh no, trouble again."

"What's wrong?"  asked the brother.

"God is missing and they think we did it!"​​

: )


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