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Trump Coin Review

What:  President Trump commemorative collectible coin (try saying "commemorative collectible coin" 3 times really fast, whew!)

My location:  Shelby NC

Order Location:  Online

Delivery: Shipping / USPS

Shipping Time:  Have placed two orders so far.  Each time it was 5 days from order date to delivery date.

Product Quality:  Excellent.  I was a bit pessimistic after seeing the images online but was surprised and pleased after receiving the coin.  Weight is about the same as a half-dollar coin.

Delivered By:  United States Postal Service

Technology:  Good use of online technology showing images, quantity options, etc.

Coin Pricing:  Reasonable.  Free coins available with some order options.

Delivery Pricing:  Reasonable with lower delivery pricing available on various order options.

Tip Pricing:  N/A

Packaging:  Each coin is in a hard pastic coin-case.   Each hard plastic coin-case in a ziploc bag.  Shipped in a padded mailing envelope.  Well packaged.

In-Store Comparison: N/A

Suggestions:  These coins make great gifts. 

Refer Others: Yes

Discount:  Available when ordering a very small quantity.  Check availability, see images and order options here


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