Unlock your hip flexor

A 3 yr old girl came to her Mom with a confused look on her face.

"Mom", she said, "We went to that big store this morning and there were lots of people in there.

Then we went to another big store and there were lots of people in there.  Different people.

Before we came home we went to a restaurant for lunch and there were more people, different people in there.

Mom, where are all these people coming from?"

Mom replied, "God created a man named Adam and then a woman named Eve.

Adam and Eve had children.  Later, those children had children.  And then those children had children.

The number of people kept growing and eventually they spread out all over the earth.

That's the people you see when you go places today."

Now the girl looked really confused.

"I asked Dad while ago", said the 3 yr old, "and that's not what he said."

"What did Dad say?", asked the Mom.

The 3 yr old replied, "Dad said that in the beginning there were only skunks and possums and we came from them."

Mom thought for a second and said, "Dad was just talking about his side of the family."