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Instructions and Review of the Free Discreet and Defensive Tool(s) and Weapon the bad guys will not see coming if you ever have the need to use it.

I requested mine on a Monday morning and it was in my mailbox on Thursday.   Fast delivery.

Inside the lightweight envelope was the neat orderly box containing the pen/tool/accessories.  Well packaged and well-made so there was no concern about it arriving damaged.

The first thing I did was to remove  (by unscrewing by hand)  the top end.  Underneath was a small paper circle which separated and protected the light from the batteries.    (Yes, the batteries were included.)

l replaced the end and tested the light.   One press on the button and the bright light illuminated. 

One more press on the button and it flashed or strobed on and off rapidly.  This is a nice feature.  If attacked by a "bad guy" this would make for a nice distraction by shining this flash/strobe at the eyes of the attacker.

Another press of the button was all that was needed to turn the light off.

By unscrewing about halfway on the length of the tool  (again by hand, no tools required)  I was able to access the pen available for writing.   A replacement ink cartridge was included in the box.

Unscrewed again closer to the tip and I found a knife blade attached.  This will come in handy for a lot uses including as a self-defense tool.

In the box there is a hook/wrench tool you can repace if wanted.

Trapped in a vehicle sinking in water?   The tip can be used as a pointed hammer to break auto windows to allow escape.

To see a quick video and get one free (if still available)  Click Here 

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