Unlock your hip flexor

One Sunday morning the congregation was gathering for services in a church.

Suddenly there was a brilliant flash of light and the entire room filled with what appeared to be fog.

After a few moments, things began to clear and everyone could see that right there in the pulpit stood none other than the devil himself.

People began to scream and run for the nearest exit.  Some lifted their children out the nearest window then climbed out themselves.

The devil smiled with an arrogant attitude as he looked around the room. 

He saw one woman who was sitting calmly.

He asked her with a thunderous voice, "Woman, do you know who I am?"

"Yes", she replied calmy.

"Why aren't you running?  Aren't you scared of me?"

"No"  she said, "why would I be scared of you?   I've been married to your brother for 20 years."