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Data Allegedly Missing

Chinese COVID Policies

FDA Warns of Possible False Results From Some COVID-19 Tests

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North Carolina residents receive nearly $54M from feds for COVID funerals

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New York Nurse Whistleblower: Recordings Show Possible Botched Administration of COVID-19 Vaccine on Children: “Some People Got The Wrong One”

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The FDA is wrong to pull life-saving COVID-19 antibody treatments

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COVID lockdowns did not reduce deaths, but did reduce employment: university researchers

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Incompetent Biden Administration's COVID Test Website Faceplants on First Day


Incompetent Biden Administration COVID Test Saga Continues: Will These Things Even Work?

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Questions about 'equity,' race eligibility for new coronavirus pills raise alarm in Wisconsin

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Biden administration approves college students getting COVID relief checks

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At-Home Covid Test Deliveries Delayed After ‘Wild West-Style Train Robberies’

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CDC: 61% of Teenagers Hospitalized for COVID-19 Had Obesity

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So long, heroes: Mayo Clinic fires 700 workers over vaccination mandate


Rand Paul Has Won Every Single Round Against Fauci

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Nearly 30% of New COVID Cases in America Came From One City


CDC: About 75 Percent of Omicron Cases Are in Fully Vaccinated People

Whistleblower: U.S. HHS suppressing Covid vaccine adverse reactions; ‘Evil at the highest level'...“She didn’t want to take it because of her religious beliefs. And she was coerced into taking it. And it’s like — nobody, nobody, should have to decide between their livelihood, being part of the team in the hospital or take the vaccine."...

...The co-worker had just come back from leave two weeks before, and was required to take the vaccine in order to re-assume her duties. She died on Aug. 28....

Another incident included a 15-year-old male who presented with blood clots a week after receiving the vaccine.

O’Malley is one of many among her colleagues at the HHS hospital deeply concerned about the adverse reactions and the failure to report them...


California nurses report ‘overwhelming’ number of heart attacks, clotting in vaccinated patients ... A critical care nurse told The Conejo Guardian that there has been a surge in the number of young people experiencing severe health problems after receiving the Covid vaccines...


The hidden health dangers in COVID shots are proving that the cure is worse than the disease


'Killing our patients’: Nurse whistleblower exposes hospital failures, side effects of COVID shot

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This Scientist Created a Rapid Test Just Weeks Into the Pandemic. Here’s Why You Still Can’t Get It.

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​​Swedish startup Epicenter unveils rice-sized microchip implant that stores your COVID vaccine passport under your skin and is read with technology used to take contactless payments

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CNN expert: Cloth masks are useless "face decorations" at this point


20,000+ deaths reported to VAERS following COVID vaccines

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The most detailed evidence yet of the devastating damage COVID jabs can do

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6th Circuit Ruling Restoring Employer Vaccine Mandate Falsely Claims ‘Options Available to Combat COVID-19 Changed Significantly’ When ‘FDA Granted Approval to One Vaccine on August 23, 2021’


Officials Considering Restrictions on Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Due to Ongoing Blood Clots

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Hospital backs down, allows patient to receive ivermectin rather than pay $10K a day in fines

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Despite High Vaccination Rate Amtrak Suspends Vaccine Mandate, The Background Tells A Story

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Gorsuch writes scathing dissent after Supreme Court rejects New York vaccine mandate challenge

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Virginia Woman Begins Ivermectin COVID Protocol After Hospital Found In Contempt Of Court For Barring Its Administration

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Large share of federal COVID relief for safe school reopening diverted to non-pandemic uses: report

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2-dose Vaccines Induce Lower Antibodies Against Omicron: Study

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Vaccines pose 7 times higher death risk than COVID for young people, Japanese experts warn

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Austrians beg for help: 'Unvaccinated' to face 1 year in prison

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CDC: About 75 Percent of Omicron Cases Are in Fully Vaccinated People

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Pennsylvania Supreme Court strikes down statewide school mask mandate

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Ontario Health Minister refuses to answer lawmaker’s question on vaccine-induced stillbirths

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Global totalitarianism is a bigger threat than the coronavirus itself: mRNA inventor Malone

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British researchers discover COVID jabs ‘appear to expose people to an increased mortality’

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Auschwitz survivor warned in 2020 that stigmatizing people for causing pandemic ‘may happen soon’

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Doctor who pioneered COVID HCQ protocol urges ‘resistance against governmental tyranny’

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WHO Warns Against Vaccine Mandates

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Don't look now, but Dems "souring" on vaccine mandates

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Governments warn of heart problems from COVID vaccines, but Twitter calls research 'unsafe'

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Israeli study: People with natural immunity have more protection than double-dose vaccinated

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Trudeau’s ban on ‘conversion therapy’ will outlaw Biblical teaching on homosexuality, divide families

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COVID shot injuries are being underreported: New York medic fired for speaking out

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‘Fully vaccinated are a major source of COVID virus transmission’: virologist, former HHS advisor

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Vitamin D supplements might have saved thousands of Americans from dying with COVID

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Amazon packages pile up after AWS outage spawns delivery havoc

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Fired for Freedom: Doctors, nurses, and attorneys expose civil rights abuses

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Governments know lockdowns, jabs don’t work: They’re seizing our freedoms because we let them

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Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare Recalls Adult Portable Bed Rails After Two Deaths; Entrapment and Asphyxiation Hazards


Australians waiting for organ transplants will be denied lifesaving procedures until fully vaccinated


‘Effectively Overcharges Seniors’: AARP Rakes in Record Profits Selling Brand Royalties While Overcharging Members


German Catholics protest Archdiocese of Berlin banning unvaccinated from attending Mass


After calling parents domestic terrorists, NSBA discovers: Get woke, go broke -- literally


Remember how Biden abandoned Afghanistan to the Taliban? The country is now on the brink of mass starvation. A million children might starve to death this winter.


North Carolina Senate Passes ‘Zuck Bucks’ Bill That Bars Private Donations to Local Election Boards


Attorney asks court to unmask Jan. 6 footage of suspected undercover agents


Don’t Trust the Washington Post on Masks


Vaccine inventor: 'Fundamentally evil' COVID policies harming children

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Ron DeSantis: Doctor Suspended Because of Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Reinstated

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First Look: Manchin targeted in new push to protect religious school child care, pre-K


Foreigners illegally entering U.S. come from 106 different countries, Border Patrol says

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Did Biden Lie About Being Tested for COVID Daily?

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Arrival announces High Voltage Battery Module assembly plant in Charlotte, N.C.

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Deportations down 90% under ‘clueless’ Biden

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Former D.C. National Guard official says generals lied to Congress about Jan. 6

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Lawyer for dying COVID patient who recovered after court-ordered Ivermectin urges new thinking


'Index Of Personal And Economic Freedom’ Shows Red States At Top, Blue States At Bottom

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Dying COVID-19 Patient Recovers After Court Orders Hospital to Administer Ivermectin

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Three Teens Who Escaped From Aussie COVID Camp All Have One Thing in Common, and It's Not the Virus

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Dollar General Launches Higher-Price Store Chain As Dollar Tree Sells Items For More Than $1

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MLK niece blasts BLM as a "Marxist group" seeking to "destroy our democracy here in America"

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The Salvation Army Hides Woke Policies
During Christmas Fundraising

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Amazon Recalls AmazonBasics Mattresses Due to Violation of Federal Flammability Standard (Recall Alert) (Made in Malaysia)

 Are your kids being brainwashed?

How Migrant Surge at the Border Fuels Massive American OD’s From Tiny Grains of This Killer Drug


FDA documents show over 150K serious adverse events in first 3 months of Pfizer jab approval


Renowned virologist warns of ‘collapse of our health system’ due to complications from COVID vaccines

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The Untold Truth Of The Brothers Who Started Aldi

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Americas Voice.news

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Justice Thomas asks where abortion is found in the Constitution: "What specifically is the right here that we're talking about?"

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‘Tool to Enforce Orwellian Rules’: 80 House Republicans Help Pass Bill to Fund Federal Vaccination Database


Germany Announces Lockdown of Unvaccinated Citizens; Mandatory Injections Possible Early Next Year

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Fatal flaw found in study touted by media as evidence 'masks work'


Vaccine inventor: 'Fundamentally evil' COVID policies harming children

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Uncle Si and the Mother-in-Law Trap | Duck Call Room #89

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Parents ‘Don’t Get How Teaching Works’


'You feel like you're in prison': Aussie recounts ordeal in COVID camp


​​Why You Can’t Find Cheap At-Home COVID-19 Tests


Science™ vs Science: Twitter Silences American Heart Association Warning About mRNA Vaccines

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How Americans can resist coronavirus shot mandates – a comprehensive guide