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Bagpipe Player - Joke

There was a man, Oscar, who played the bagpipes at special events.

One day the mayor from another town about 30 miles away called to say a homeless man, a veteran, who everyone locally respected, had passed and the town had decided to pay for the funeral expenses.   Would Oscar be willing to travel to the funeral and play his bagpipes at the ceremony?

"Yes" was Oscar's response and he asked for directions.

On the day of the funeral, Oscar started the drive to the site which involved a number of turns on the rural roads to get there.  It was after he had been driving for 20 minutes that he realized he had left without the note slip where he had wrote the directions.

Oscar decided to try and make the trip by memory as returning home and starting again would have taken so long he would never make it in time for the funeral.

Oscar made a number of turns as best as he could remember but it soon became obvious he was hopelessly lost and began to watch the time on his watch as the minutes seemed to rapidly pass.

Soon, the time on his watch indicated he was late and had missed the funeral.  That's when he drove past a clearing in the woods and he could see what was left of a pile of dirt.  Workers with shovels and wearing hard hats were resting in the shade.

'This is it' thought Oscar, 'I missed the man's funeral.'

Disappointed in himself, he decided the right thing to do was to go ahead and play a respectful hymn with his bagpipes by the remaining pile of dirt.

Oscar parked his car, removed and carried his bagpipes over and began playing Amazing Grace.

The construction foreman walked over, removed his hard hat and stood in silent attention.   Soon, the other workers followed and each stood at attention while holding their hard hat and shovel.

After he finished playing the hymn, Oscar silently carried his bagpipes back to his car and drove away.

The construction foreman, in a state of amazement, said "I've never seen anything like that."

"What's that?" asked one of the workers.

The foreman replied, "I've been digging holes and burying these septic tanks for 20 years and never seen anyone play the bagpipes over a digging site.